Kagami Kanako
Kagami Kanako is Kagurazaka Motoko's older sister.


Kanako has shoulder length blonde hair. She appears to be a very gentle and kind person.


Kanako is sister-oriented. She wants Motoko to only pay attention to her, no one else. She will even go to the most extreme method to get this.

Kanako after she regains her memory.

She wishes that Motoko was a boy.


Kanako left one snowy night to look for Motoko, who did not come home at the time she said she would. That night, she has an attack (she has an illness that causes some seizurous attacks) and she falls into a coma. When she wakes up, she has no recollection of her past life.

Their grandfather takes advantage of this and sends Kanako to live with another family, hoping she will be out of his life for good.






  • When she first met Motoko, she thought she was a boy. Because of this mistake, she may have fallen in love with her sister.


  • "Seriously, guy...stalk much?" Kanako thinks about Yabe after he asks her a bunch of questions. (Volume 5, Chapter 2, Page 19)

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